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Cutting-Edge Techniques: Push-Button Reproducibility

Creating reproducible research is a critical step to increasing transparency in scientific research. Despite our best efforts, how exactly we code and run analyses is often unknown to others. One emergent approach to increase research replicability is push-button reproducibility. With the press of a button, others can reproduce the same findings reported in an analysis.

I value push-button reproducibility for its benefit to public knowledge and for its utility for improving research efficiency. I believe it's important to improve transparency within scientific communities; push-button reproducibility does just that. But this approach to quantitative analysis is also a powerful tool that researchers can leverage to improve their long-term research management and communication with co-investigators.

Reproducibility -> Replicability

Push-button reproducibility provides yourself and other researchers the means to replicate (or challenge) findings in other data.

replicability image.jpg
Robustness image_edited.jpg

Reproducibility -> Robustness

Push-button reproducibility improves the robustness of your analysis and how easily you can achieve the same results over time. My analyses above show that this approach simplifies the process of obtaining previous findings, regardless of how much time has passed.

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